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Frequently Asked Question


How good is the Egyptian education system?

The Egyptian educational system is highly centralized, and is divided into basic education, which comprises primary stage and preparatory stage, secondary education and post-secondary education. Apart from Arabic medium Government and private schools, there are Language Schools: English Medium, Egyptian Education Ministry Curriculum and International Schools: English Medium, British/American/French etc. Curriculum.

Which are the most reputed schools, universities in Cairo, Egypt?

From elementary through university level, Egypt has some of the best educational institutions in the capital. Some of them are as mentioned below –


Name of School Contact Number Website
The International School of Choueifat Cairo 2758-0001/4 www.isccairo-sabis.net
Cairo American College (CAC) 2755-5555 www.cacegypt.org
The Modern English School 2617-0005/11 www.mescairo.com
New Cairo British International School 2758-2881 www.ncbis.org
Egyptian Language School (ELS) 2758-1135-7 www.els-egypt.com
The Cairo English School (CES) 2448-3432/3 www.cesegypt.com
The British School Al Rehab 2607-0291-3 www.tbscairo.com
The American International School (AIS) 4477-70044 www.aisegypt.com
Narmer American College (010) 168-8311 www.nacegypt.com
The Continental International School, Cairo 46102222 www.continental-school.com
The British international School, Cairo (+202) 3859-2000 www.bisc.edu.eg
Maadi British International School, Cairo (02) 2705 8671/2/3/4/5 www.mbisegypt.com

Name of School Type Contact Number Website
Europa-Schule Kairo (ESK) German 617-1181-4/012-790-3951 www.europaschulekairo.com
Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo German 748-1649, 748-1475 www.deokairo.com
Lycee International Balzac French 010-172-3011, 617-1741 www.lfcaire.org
Pré Vert International School/Green Land French 305-6711/647 www.greenlandschool.org


Name of University Contact Number Website
The American University in Cairo (AUC) 794-2964 www.aucegypt.edu
German University in Cairo (GUC) (02) 758-9990/8 www.guc.edu.eg
Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA) 760-6324, 336-7844 www.msa.eun.eg
Arab Academy 012-218-0305 www.arabacademy.com
Misr International University (MIU) 477-1560/2 www.miuegypt.com
The British University In Egypt 268-8995 www.bue-egypt.com
The Université Francaise d’ Egypte (UFE) (02) 687-3555 www.ufe.edu.eg
The Modern Academy in Maadi (MAM) (02) 702-0007 www.modern-academy-maadi.com

Which are the schools in Cairo, Egypt that most expatriates send their kids?

International schools e.g. British / American/ French/ German schools are in the preference for expatriates. Most Indians prefers to send their children in British schools e.g. NCBIS, MBIS, or American schools like CAC. Nefertiti school, Continental school and American International School are also a few favorites.

What is the average yearly school fee in Egypt?

The average fees structure varies between US$ 2000 to US$10,000 per year.
For good Language schools it is between US$ 2000- US$ 6000 per year
For International schools it varies between US$ 6000-US$10,000 per year.

Is the curriculum taught in English language?

Yes, in all language and international schools the curriculum is taught in English. They all have certified English speaking teachers.

How different are the Egyptian schools than compared to the Indian ones?

In International Schools, emphasis is on easy learning without pressures. The child has the freedom depending upon capabilities to select the studies in higher classes. Effort is on all round development of student.

Are there any Indian schools in Egypt?

No, unfortunately in Egypt there aren't any Indian schools. We all hope it happens soon, Insha Allah.